More About Me


My background is in construction. I worked as an electrical contractor for years, more than 30 of those years with a large electrical contracting firm in Seattle. I handled the design, bidding, and installation of electrical, data and phone systems. Some of my customers were: U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo Bank and Transnation Title.


Growing up in the Seattle area, I often heard people talk about the homes they'd purchased, and the many that got away. Everyone had similar stories, I know you've all heard them yourselves. I didn't want to have to tell my son too many of the same stories myself.

Present and Future...

After retiring from contracting, I chose to become a professional Realtor. It has been a great adventure, turning my avocation into a full time vocation. And, I still hear the same stories...only the decimal point has changed.

After 14 years, here are some comments from my customers...

* Bill was extremely responsive to all of my calls and endless questions. He was very determined to help me find the right home. * Bill went the extra mile throughout my home purchasing process *I found Bill to be one of those chaps who was always obliging, easy to get along with and one who did nothing short of excellent, professional work.* Courteous and thorough. followed through on all requests and was proactive in organizing paperwork and coordinating with the title company, and inspectors.* Bill went the extra mile...I'm glad he is inclined to keep the personal touch that is more often than not lost during this process.* Thank you, Bill for all your dedication, none of this would have happened without you.